LGU Takes Another Step Towards Clean Energy Economy

Mayor Rex R. Jalando-on led the ceremonial switch on of solar panels at the City Gym 2 yesterday, October 22.

The City Government invested PhP1.99Million for the 56 solar panels, each can generate 340 watts monthly or a maximum of 19.04kWH per month.

The power produced by the solar installation will be utilized by the offices located at the City Gym 2 (Judiciary Branch) during weekdays and will be sold to NOCECO on weekends.

The panels have an expected life of 20-25 years and requires little maintenance cost. With savings from electric bills and income from power sold, it is estimated that the investment payback period is 4-5 years.

This project can reduce the City Governments operating cost as well as demonstrate its commitment to clean and sustainable future for the La Carlotenos.

It is recalled that La Carlota City was one of the pioneering cities that invested on environment-friendly e-trikes. Doc Rex, who was then Vice Mayor, was the main proponent of the project.

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