LGU Consults TODA on Proposed Amendment of COVID Ordinance

The SP Committee on Public Utilities conducted a consultation meeting with all the Presidents of the Tricycle Operators and Drivers Association (TODA) in La Carlota City, including five officers of putian/rounders (Zone 1) last February 18, 2022 at the SP Building. Mayor Rex R. Jalando-on was also invited to attend the meeting.
The consultation pertained to the proposed amendment of Section 11 (Tricycles) of the Anti-COVID Ordinance of La Carlota City which provides for the odd-even scheme of operations of tricycles, installation of protective barriers between drivers and passengers, and allowed number of passengers per unit for each zone.
Under the Odd and Even Scheme of Operations of tricycles, a unit which has a body number ending in odd will operate only on dates ending in odd and those which has a body number ending in an even number can only operate on days ending in even number.
All TODA presidents opposed the amendment concerning the odd-even scheme. Instead, they unanimously agreed to retain the current odd and even scheme of tricycle operations.
The SP Committee on Public Utilities is chaired by SP member Manuel Badillo with SP members Baste Benedicto, Lidoy Miravalles and Akoy Sia as members.

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