Blessing and Turn-over of Pulay's Bridge

In June 2021, La Carlota City mourned the loss of Mery Rose “Pulay” Cadenas. Her body was claimed by the flash flood at the river which they were trying to cross.
Strangers came to our aid as we searched for the five-year-old Pulay. We were all relieved when she was found and we all grieved for the loss of such young life.
Never again!
In Pulay’s memory, a bridge was built at the river where she was lost. This is the symbol of the LGU’s commitment that every child, every person crossing the river will always be safe.
Join us at FB Live from Purok 4 and 6, Brgy. La Granja during the blessing of Pulay’s Bridge, May 28, 2022 at 9AM.
Mayor Rex R. Jalando-on led the turn over of Pulay Bridge last May 28, 2022 at Purok 4 and 6, Barangay La Granja to the barangay officials led by Punong Barangay Doloroso Maguad.
Pulay Bridge was built over Najalin River traversing different barangays in La Carlota City including Brgy. La Granja. The bridge connects Purok 4 and Purok 6 to the barangay proper and expected to benefit at least 20 households.
Father Michael Pajares led the blessing ceremony of the bridge which was built at the site where five-year-old Mery Rose “Pulay” Cadenas was washed away by a flash flood while they were trying to cross last June 6, 2021.

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