LGU-La Carlota Conducts Ceremonial Turn Over

The City Government of La Carlota held a ceremonial turn over of administration this morning, June 30, 2022 at the Social Hall, 3/F Main City Hall.

The activity aims to ensure a transparent and efficient transfer of all LGU assets, records, documents, among others, from the previous to the new and re-elected officials for term 2022-2025.

City Budget Officer and Acting City Administrator Marlene Gargantiel commenced the activity, followed by the briefing on the Government Assessment Report (GAR) by DILG LGOO Judy Bacule.

Aiming for a seamless continuance of ongoing programs for the La Carloteňos, 13 departments and offices of the LGU represented by their respective heads turned over their documents to Mayor Rex R. Jalando-on on behalf of the new set of officials.

“The show must go on. We must continue to serve our masters-the public who is paying our salaries. We will continue despite the difficulties and prepare for the challenges that we are about to face next year. I hope that we shall maintain our good working relationship for the next three years,” Mayor Rex said in his speech, addressing the fellow elected officials and government employees.

The importance of solidarity in local governance was also emphasized by neophyte SP member January Alvaňez-Abad in her speech, “As we begin our term for the next three years, I would like to express our solidarity and say, in behalf of my fellow elected officials, in which you have placed your trust and confidence to lead our city, that we accept the responsibility fully and shall endeavor to fulfill our duties to you and to the people of La Carlota responsibly, admirably and with honor.”

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