City Cracks Down Illegal Petrol Vendors

The City Government of La Carlota through the Business Permits and Licensing Office (BPLO) and the City Ordinance Monitoring and Enforcement Team (COMET) in coordination with the PNP/La Carlota City Component Police Station and BFP/La Carlota City Fire Station apprehended vendors selling petroleum products in used soft drink bottles along the La Carlota-La Castellana Road last June 29-30.

The peddling of liquid fuels in any container, such as soda bottles, plastic bottles, jugs and other similar portable containers are strictly prohibited under the rules and regulations of the Department of Energy (DOE).

Moreover, the Fire Code of the Philippines require proper storage and handling of liquid fuels. The improper handling of liquid fuels may lead to accidental fire, illnesses due to inhalation of hazardous fumes, and undesirable effects to the environment.

Mayor Rex R. Jalando-on has called on to the public to refrain from patronizing illegal liquid fuel peddlers, as this does not assure the public of proper fuel quality and right quantity. This also deprives the LGU of revenue from business permits, taxes, pump calibration charges, etc. which are being collected from legitimate gas stations.
The LGU has confiscated the liquid fuels and were surrendered to the police station.

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