No Plastic Sunday
No Plastic Sunday


Doc Rex Declares “NO PLASTIC SUNDAY”
Doc Rex issued Executive Order No. 13 last March 13 enjoining all business establishments and residents of La Carlota City to refrain from using packaging materials made of plastic every Sunday.
EO 13 shall take effect on April 15.
Among the salient features of EO 13 are:
  • 1. All business establishments including but not limited to fast foods outlets, market, food kiosks, sari-sari stores, ambulant vendors are prohibited from using plastic, Styrofoam or other non-biodegradable packaging for customers on Sundays;
  • 2. All business establishments are required to use any biodegradable alternative packaging materials (such as recycled product, carton boxes, paper bags and eco bags) for customers to pack dry goods; and
  • 3. Plastics packaging materials are allowed ONLY if the customer brought own plastic to pack his purchased items;
  • 4. Everyone is encouraged to bring his own alternative packaging material like “bayong”, native basket, eco bags, cloth bags, and biodegradable packaging materials when buying things that needed packaging.

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